I’ve always had a eye for Art through my childhood it was a very special time in my life it sealed the deal for what I truly loved as my main hobby growing up. I remember being big on Slam Magazine (Basketball Mag), Sports Illustrated, SI for Kids, and Rap Magazines and I would flip through pages finding a page that would catch my eye to draw and recreate I had pages full of Art from Cars, favorite Athletes, favorite Cartoon characters, favorite Superheroes, favorite Rappers, etc. I would soon realize it ran in my family my Uncle and Grandfather also has an eye for Art and has shown me their work so I have a sense of it being something that has been passed down. I kept it going throughout my Teen years even making money from it which was a unusual surprising experience, but I wanted more I could feel that was not enough I needed a bigger feeling something bigger than me. I started painting but my first ever experience was terrible so I stopped. I eventually started working and being independent and learning to be an adult I stopped drawing all together for years. Fast Forward to 2014 I decided to go after Painting again but this time I took a class at West LA and that was the best decision I ever made I learned so much from training your eye. I created a piece that still hangs on my wall today it reminds me of the Journey it took to get me here, I eventually started attending galleries and Art events learning motives and styles of already well known Artists. Met some that I looked up to which fueled me to find galleries where I could show my work and I found it through a artist named Norm Maxwell, Gallery 38, and 4900 Gallery. Through them I will always appreciate helping me shape the Artist I’ve grown to become. 

Photography courtesy of Yoosuf Blake (YB the Prophet).


Just Another Young Prodigy